Every electric vehicle has a different range. Check with the manufacturer for specifics to your electric car make and model.

Yes, you can. It provides about 1-5 miles/hour of charge. So if the car goes 300 miles on a full charge, it would take 60-300 hours to charge it.

It is when you hire EVPros. Each home is different but we are prepared for all set-ups and scenarios. We have experience with all types of electrical projects with a specialty in EV home charger station installation.

If you know how to wire things up to city code safely and effectively and get the right permits. But we recommend you hire professionals who do them every day.

Our clients report about $30-$50/month, depending on usage.

Yes, depending on the amps in your main electrical panel. For example, if your main electrical power is rated at 200 Amps and you add a 50A EV Charger, that brings your load calculation to 195A, adding a second 50A EV Charger would not be feasible without a main panel upgrade.

There are hundreds of car chargers, so it depends on which EV installation you’re looking for, the brand, and your car type. In most cases, there are adapters for just about every charger and vehicle on the market. Outside of Tesla there is a fairly standard connector called a J1772 that plugs into most other vehicles on the market.

After scheduling an appointment and before the technician arrives, clear all obstructions away from the walls of your garage. Be prepared to greet your installer and to open the garage, if needed.

Most installations take between 1 to 5 hours depending on the scope of the project. Some can take longer. The average is about 3 hours.

There are many variables with installations such as type of car, type of charging unit, and current wiring. It is best to get an estimate specific to your needs and budget.


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