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Reduce range anxiety

Get fully charged before leaving your house so that you can drive farther, stress-free.

Regain control

Charge when you want. Conveniently, at home. Never waste time hunting for a station.

Help the environment

Driving an electric car reduces your carbon footprint. You’re truly making a difference.

Save money

Charging costs for your electric vehicle are significantly lower than petrol fuel costs.


EV charger station installs


5-Star Reviews on Yelp


% Peace of mind

Attract customers & employees

Many choose where to live, work, and shop based on availability of charging stations.

Earn additional revenue

EV drivers willingly pay for the convenience of charging their cars while at your location.

Make a positive impact

Support EVs to reduce carbon emissions and local air pollution in your community.

Take advantage of tax credits

Tax credits and grants may be available for commercial charging station installation.


EV charger station installs


5-Star reviews on Yelp


% Peace of mind

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Installing a 240-volt outlet to charge your Tesla will increase your rate of charging and make it possible for you to fully charge overnight.  This will improve your driving experience and reduce the anxiety you may feel about trying to find public chargers during your daily commute.

Beyond an outlet to charge your Tesla, you can have a branded Tesla Wall Connector installed that will increase your charging speeds up to over 50 miles per range hour. This cuts the time to a full charge nearly in half and it also comes with its own charging cable, so you always have your car’s charger with you.

When you’re installing either a 240-volt charging outlet or a Tesla Wall Connector, it’s important to work with a certified electrician to guarantee that the work is done properly and ensure that either solution will reliably charge your electric vehicle as they’re meant to.

EV Pros uses industrial grade parts for the installation, and we stand by our work with a 4-year guarantee on our work. We secure the necessary permits for the work and will be there during your inspection to ensure that all our work is done correctly and you’re happy with the completed job.

When you have the work completed by a certified electrician you may be eligible for a $500 refund from Edison for having your home charger installed. This reduces the overall cost of the work we do.

Ask Tesla who they recommend getting your home charger installed, and they’ll point you to EV Pros. We are honored by our partnership with Tesla and proud that we are certified for all electric vehicles as well.

Contact EV Pros today to get your home EV Charger installed now.


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