How Much Does It Cost To Charge Your Electric Car From Home?

What Is The Cost Of An Electric Car Charger Installation?

What Is The Cost and Is It Worth Installing?

The cost for a home charging station can vary from $325 to potentially $1000’s. “Whoa! What can cause prices to vary that much?”, you might be asking. Well, the distance from where your electrical panel is to where you want the charging station installed can have an affect in your estimate. You may also have to invest in an electrical panel upgrade to charge your electric car. Assuming your home needs one of course. We are confident to say we pride ourselves in our focus to execute on detailed work you can notice. Along with quality tools that get the job done faster. The quality of the charging outlet you decide to go with will also play a factor towards your estimate, which is very important to understand.

We uploaded a video for you about the different outlets out there in the market to help your decision.

With all that being said, the convenience of knowing your “tank” is full in the mornings, really is a life changing experience.  The satisfaction of looking forward to no more charging trips at local super charging stations is a big stress reliever as well. Charging at Whole Foods or a local convenience store can start to feel like it’s becoming more of chore. Which can easily be fixed with an EV home charging station. And look, if you’re traveling, then it makes sense to charge your electric car in a local city charging station during your trip. Installing your own personal electric home charger can also create more value towards your home.

Not only do you create more convenience in your lifestyle, but you also add long term value towards your home’s value when it comes to selling it. Of course, if that’s what you want to do.

So yes, here at EV Pros we would really say it is in fact worth installing. Not because we would love your business, but because we mean what we say. A lifestyle change of charging your electric car from home makes all the difference in the world. Imagine what you can do with extra time. Focusing on a new hobby never gets old. Or spending more time with your family. Those will always be priceless moments. To guarantee the quality of our work, we offer a 4-Year Warranty to our customers for any installation. If you need financing, we also offer that. Take advantage of our 0% interest rates for 14 months with one of our convenient payment plans as well.

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