5 Reasons Charging Your Electric Car From Home In 2022 Is Key

5 Reasons To Start Charging Your Electric Car From Home In 2022

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The future is here and you feel it every time you visit a crowded charging station.  Charging your electric car from home will take your experience to a whole new level.

It’s true.  Electric cars continue being adopted into our lifestyles and becoming more real every day.  Especially in Orange County, CA., one of the main metropolitan areas with the most electric cars.  It’s funny to hear people say electric cars are still a fad and “won’t last”.  Each year electric car sales boost big numbers proving that EV’s are in fact inevitable to the market place.  With that being said, thousands of more electric car drivers will intuitively be charging locally more often.  Here are our top 5 reasons why charging from home in 2022 will save you tons of time and keep you winning in life, just like all our customer’s that confirm to feel after installing a home charger.

1. Productivity Boost

When people are hyper-focused on their day, with no interruptions, they are more likely to get things done.  Whether it’s with family, friends, or projects there’s nothing better than being in control of your schedule.  Granted, some people are more busier than others, so they have to schedule charging sessions around different times and different days.  If you drive an electric car enough, you’ll know from experience when it’s time to recharge your electric car.  But the chances of available charging stations can fluctuate.  If you’re the type of person that needs structure to complete the bigger picture in your life, charging your electric car from home will help you accomplish that.

2. More Money In Your Pocket

There’s no argument that charging an electric car anywhere is cheaper than gas.  When people with a 350 mile range vehicle are paying $80 dollars to fill their tanks, electric car owners are paying less than $25 dollars to fill up theirs.  The cost of charging your electric vehicle will vary depending on where you live.  This being said, we always tell our customers to charge overnight for an even better charging experience.  Nobody is using their electricity at full capacity during the night, so this makes it ideal for electric car owners to wake up in the morning and save more money charging from home.

3. Safer For Your Battery

A lot of people seem to ignore the fact that batteries degrade over time.  Using super charging (LEVEL 3) stations inflict more damage to your electric car’s batteries than using a home charging (LEVEL 2) charging station.  If there’s one piece of maintenance that will be costly, it would be eventually replacing your electric car’s battery pack. By charging at home, you can secure the longevity of the electric car’s battery and prolong your electric car’s useful life.

4. Added Value To Your Home

Electric vehicles are here to stay.  This is already happening, the used car market is suffering because petrol and diesel cars have poor resell value.  An EV home charger is a long-term investment, one that will be there for the many years that you and your family can expect to be driving electric cars.  Eventually, everyone will be driving an EV and you can expect demand for homes with chargers to rise significantly too.  4. Added Value To Your Home

5. Real Life Convenience

Smart future-thoughtful EV owners have realized, the best place to charge an electric vehicle is from the comfort of their own home. After speaking with thousands of home owners with an EV charger installed, their biggest comment is how much better their quality of life has become.  They don’t wake up with second thoughts of where should they charge today.  Having your own personal charger also free’s you from the worry of having to queue in behind other electric cars.  Make your EV’s charger available to your at all times.  People also benefit from the risk of vandalism or theft.  Securing your brand new Tesla at home and charging will bring you to full peace of mind.


Electric cars are the next era of transportation.  If you love enjoying your time and minimizing unnecessary frictions between your days, home charging will open new doors to what it’s like owning an electric car.  Escape from the thoughts of looking for local charging station and let your own charger do all the work.

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