What Are California’s Electric Car Incentives? 2021 Updates

California’s Electric Car Incentives 2021

Hey Californians, so you’ve decided that you wanted to switch to an electric car. Or maybe you already own an electric car and you’re wondering what incentives you rate as an electric car owner. Well, many EV owners are not aware of the benefits they can potentially rate for being an electric car owner. That being said, California is giving credits to EV owners for an electric car home charger. (For those that qualify) Besides the generous credit for a LEVEL 2 home charger, electric car owners can also qualify for a free HOV sticker. Avoid the bothersome traffic jams of Los Angeles or Orange County by simply applying to get your HOV sticker. Many electric car owners jump on the HOV lane with out one, but it would still be a really good idea to have a sticker to be safe.

From what we know, some of these incentives run on a first come first serve basis. So it’d be in your best interest to act now!

Here are a couple links that can guide you to more specific answers you may seek about your incentives as an EV owner.